We are firm believers in traditional yoga – as traditional as we have discovered. It is the belief of Tittibha School that we honor those teachings as best as we can. Our yoga teacher training program can be easily integrated in to your studio schedule.

RYS200200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Our 200 hour training program was formed to serve studios along the East Coast who also would like to honor those traditions. The goal is to share our passions with one another in a manner that is non-judgmental or competitive. Tittibha Yoga Schools respects the guidelines set by Yoga Alliance for training programs.

RPYSPre-natal Yoga School

The Pre-natal Yoga School came from a deep desire to provide a service to pregnant mothers who were looking to experience yoga in a safe and fulfilling environment. Our extensive 85 hours of training covers everything from asana for first trimester to delivery time. Teachers leave this training feeling confident about leading and assisting a safe Pre-Natal Yoga class.

Yin Yoga Certification

Yin Yoga Certification provides that calming aspect to our lives that in today’s world we need more of. Yin comes from a realization in life that the rat race is never won. This intensive program infuses the teachings of the Yin Masters with the practical skills of an experienced Yin Yoga teacher. Yin Yoga Certification can be an integral part of a 200 hour or a 500 hour program.