200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

RYS200The 200 Hour Yoga Training course is designed to delve deeper into your yoga practice using classical yogic text, develop skills for teaching yoga, and broaden your understanding of yoga. Instruction is ideal for those who want to explore yoga for their personal practice or feel lead to share through teaching yoga.

A Transformative Training Experience in Yoga

The 200 Hour Yoga Training course is a rigorous and trans-formative training experience in yoga.  The program is designed in accordance with the 200 hour requirements and approved by Yoga Alliance. Generally, the program is 9 weekends over a period of 9 months with each weekend averaging 20 hours of class time.

This 200 hour yoga teacher training is passionately led by Nancy Gilbert, ERYT, RPYT, owner and director. Guest lecturers will be invited in on occasion to enhance your knowledge on special topics. If you are searching for a program where you will receive personal attention, full support, non competitive environment, inspiration then join us in one of our training’s.


You will be asked to:

  • omPurchase or download several of the classic text on yoga
  • Attend and report on yoga classes
  • Submit written reports
  • Take written test
  • Show competence in teaching skills, verbal skills
  • Participate in class
  • Attend all training

If your destination is to share yoga then you will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance. Our training qualifies the student for teaching Hatha Yoga.

Curriculum for 200 Hour Teacher Training