Nancy P. Gilbert, ERYT, RPYT – Director

When you research the story behind the name of our school, your heart will melt as mine did years ago when I first read the story of Tittibha. The story resonated with my dreams of opening a Pre-natal Yoga School to share this form of yoga. I was then encouraged by fellow yogis to start a 200 Hour Teacher Training Program which was created in 2012. The teacher- student relationship does not end at the end of a training for me it is a relationship that ends when the student feels they have the confidence, strength and faith.

Yoga is my passion, and I am so excited to be able to offer our services to others who are like-minded!

Because yoga training schools are not available to all, I established a program that uses recycled materials to construct yoga mat bags.  The proceeds go towards funding a scholarship for yoga teacher training (see image below). For more information, to suggest a potential student or to donate, please contact us.

mat bags

These past few years have been spent raising three boys who are grown and creating lives of their own. This has freed up time to share my passion for yoga with other studios.

Nancy Gilbert

Tittibha Yoga is unparalleled, and we want to stay that way so that we can provide other yoga studios with 1:1 personal instruction.

I look forward to connecting with the students, and it is my hope that they will feel the kindness and openness created from a relationship with their teachers.

-Nancy Gilbert