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Beginners Yoga

All Levels – 6 Class Pass 48.00

Beginners Yoga is a class designed to assist with alignment, breath and basic yogic concepts. We start the class with a warm up and move towards a more dynamic practice. The class ends with savasana to help seal in the practice. Alignment is knowing your body and what works with your body. Often we have the impression we should mimic the instructor even if it doesn’t feel natural to our body, but in this class the student is encouraged to experience his or her level of depth in the practice. Breathing is a basic necessity that is often taken for granted; in a yoga practice, the breath is as important as the asana practice. We practice moving with our breath as we come in and out of each asana. The goal is that the practice with the breath will be brought into our daily lives and help us move through it with a better sense of calm.

Cardio Fit Class

All Levels – 6 Class Pass 48.00

Our Cardio Fit Class offers an interval based total body, aerobic and strength conditioning work out. The interval is a 40 second cardio burst followed by a 20 second active rest creating a workout that is sure to give the cardio burst needed to increase heart rate and burn more calories in less time. Modifications are shown by the instructor to offer different levels of intensity. All levels of fitness are invited to attend. No equipment needed. Bring water.

Mom & Me

Ages crawler to 5 years
4 Class Pass 48.00 (INCLUDES MOM & ONE CHILD)
Pre-Registration Required – Tuesdays –  9:30 am  – 10:15 am

This class brings mom and child together to bond, build strength, stretch, provide social interaction and possibly create new healthy habits. The format for this class begins with a brief introduction of each student, floor work (with stretching and bending), standing poses, balance work and a return to the floor to finish the class. Classes will be varied and based on the children’s abilities. We encourage all of our students to practice these classes at home between the organized class times to help establish a healthy balance in life.

Pre Natal Yoga

All Levels – 4 Class Pass 48.00

All levels of experience are invited to join this sweet journey through pregnancy. We focus on preparing the body for labor and delivery with a variety of techniques. Meditation, asana and sensory modalities are a few of the techniques practiced to prepare the mind and body. Through meditation we can use visualization or touch to develop a deeper bond with the child. Meditation is a recommend tool to to practice throughout the journey to better prepare for labor, delivery and motherhood mentally. Asana provides an opportunity to experience and connect to our physical sensations. With a heightened awareness of our physical bodies, we are better able to manage the stresses of labor, delivery and motherhood.  Our sensory work can connect us with a peaceful state through repetition of the the practice. The prenatal program is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment.

Restorative Yoga

All Levels – 6 Class Pass 48.00

This is the class where you leave feeling amazing… Restorative yoga provides you with support, gentle massage and the time to restore mentally and physically from the stresses of life. The class uses bolsters, blankets and eye pillows to assist the student in finding a calm state of peacefulness. In a world where over-time, multitasking, layoffs and pay cuts are the norm, a restorative class will provide the decompressing necessary to manage.

Holy Yoga

All Levels –  6 Class Pass 48.00

Holy Yoga offers classes that combine postures, breathing techniques and meditation through Christ-honoring experience. This all-levels class offers an opportunity to believers and non-believers alike to authentically connect with God. We combine God’s word, prayer and worship as you strengthen, tone and energize your body and mind.

The work “holy” means to, “be set apart or dedicated for the service of God.” The work “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word meaning, “unity” or “join.” In Holy Yoga we join together as a community and use our bodies and minds as worship. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi, we will offer you a challenging and mindful practice.