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Yin Training         Dates/Locations

 This 20 hour weekend provides yoga teachers with the necessary tools to teach a well planned Yin Yoga class. The tools practiced in the YTT provide the instructor methods to keep the student engaged through out a yin practice.  Because the asana are held longer than yang yoga practice, the practice requires a more integrative environment. Yin Yoga classes can be based on several models: meridians, cakras, prana, vibrations. The 20 hours of training is packed with information, practice time to explore what has been presented and constructive peer reviews.  During the YTT you will be asked to bring a copy of “YinSights” by Bernie Clark. A copy can also be downloaded from their website http://www.yinyoga.com/YinSights.php.


Yin Yoga: More Meditative

Yin Yoga brings in different challenges to the student and teacher. It is a more meditative practice than an active asana practice which creates a different style of teaching. Each pose is held passively for a longer period of time providing a chance for a deeper stretch addressing the deeper connective tissues. This longer hold in the asana creates a healthy stress on the connective tissues in the body – we teach coming to your edge, settling in and remaining still. Stillness is hard for us to come into and remain, we are programmed to multi task. Yin Yoga provides that space needed to sit in stillness and bring the awareness inward. As a teacher of Yin you will need the skills to maintain stillness in the student, calm in the space and be aware of the students needs. The weekend training includes techniques to use in a Yin class that keeps the student engaged during these moments of stillness.

Yin Yoga Training Curriculum:

  • Yin Meditations & Energy Associations
  • Asana breakdown & Yin Defined
  • Teaching skills & Sequencing the Asana
  • History & Philosophy
  • Benefits: Mental Emotional and Physical