Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yin Yoga Certification provides that calming aspect to our lives that in today’s world we need more of. Yin comes from a realization in life that the rat race is never won. This intensive program infuses the teachings of the Yin Masters with the practical skills of an experienced Yin Yoga teacher. Yin Yoga Certification can be an integral part of a 200 hour or a 500 hour program.

Yin Yoga Intensive digs deep into the connective tissue. This 20 hour weekend provides yoga teachers with the necessary tools to teach a well planned Yin Yoga class. Yin Yoga is a complementary yoga practice style compared to the Yang Yoga we practice.

Yin Yoga: More Meditative

Yin Yoga brings in different challenges. It is more meditative and asana are held passively for a longer period of time. This longer hold in the asana creates a healthy stress on the deeper connective tissues in the body – we teach coming to your edge, settling in and remaining still. The weekend training includes techniques to use in a Yin class that keeps the student engaged during these moments of stillness.

Yin Yoga Training Curriculum:

  • Yin Meditations & Energy Associations
  • Asana breakdown & Yin Defined
  • Teaching skills & Sequencing the Asana
  • History & Philosophy
  • Benefits; Mental Emotional and Physical

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